CF Inflight

Skycam is a robotic camera system that can be seen on Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football, among others. Double Diamond Software designed and implemented the flight control software known as “Skypath” that the operator uses to control the flight and operations of the camera in 3 dimensional space in real-time over a fiber optic network. The system includes safety features to insure that the camera is moving as expected, and includes an obstacle avoidance system to prevent the camera from striking obstacles, or the suspension cables from being caught on obstructions. The operator can view the status and flight of the camera from a top-down map-style view or from several three dimensional point-of-view flight simulator style views.
The system was developed using Microsoft C++, OpenGL, Windows 2000, and SQL Server.

The system was developed for CF Inflight, and has since been purchased by Winnercom. More details on Skycam can be seen at their website.