Our Services

Software/Application Design & Development

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a software product to help with those certain tasks? Perhaps what is available “off the shelf” is close to what you want, but it doesn’t quite fit the individual needs of your company. Maybe you would like to offer your expertise to the masses via computer technology, but don’t know the best way to accomplish that goal. We can take your ideas about what will be useful, combine that with your needs and/or your customers’ needs, and then tailor an effective, customized solution just for you. We have a broad range of experience to produce a system that best meets your needs, while fitting within your budget and corporate infrastructure.

Wireless Computing Technology

Unchain your workforce from desks or computer stations and increase everyone’s access to data at the same time. Employees can have instant access to inventory, orders, and/or product specifications. Meanwhile, information is updated in real time during the workday. Wireless capabilities can be shared by a wide range of devices including: desktop PCs, laptops, handheld units, and pen-based or “tablet” computers.

Client Server Databases

Keep your data located in one place that is accessible to everyone. Processing speed can be increased when local machines are not bogged down with excessive memory usage due to the requirements of large databases. Changes or upgrades to database software or applications are made in one (and only one) place. Users are able to share data more effectively. Keeping data centralized is a proven technology that allows for a rich user experience and easier, more efficient data backups.

Web-based Applications

Similar to client server technology, data is stored in a central location. However, in web-based applications the user interface is generated by the server, and is viewed in a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Shopping and catalog sites, like eBay, are one example of a web-based application. Web search engines, like Yahoo! and Google, are another familiar example.

Website Design & Development

We want you to look good, but we also want your site to be functional. It has to meet your client's needs as well as your own. Pages are designed to load quickly and be accessible to all of the main browsers. Special attention is given to creating standards compliant code. We specialize in presenting a professional image of your organization, products, and services, in a clean, sophisticated style.

Print & Electronic Marketing

Contact your customers via email with industry related newsletters or special offers. Email can be designed as a template for your independent use, we can update the content for you, or we can manage your contact list entirely—the choice is yours. Present a strong company identity with materials that are coordinated with each other, from business cards to your website, and be easily recognized by new and existing customers.

Graphic Arts

Present a strong company identity with materials that are coordinated with each other—from business cards to website and everything in between—and be easily recognized by new and existing customers alike. If you are just starting out, or looking to update your image, we can design a logo for your company, revamp a color scheme, or give existing materials a professional look.